The Condition of any borehole is paramount to its ongoing performance. It’s important, therefore to check a newly drilled bore to ensure that its design and specification have been met. Similarly, an existing borehole should be reviewed periodically – as part of an ongoing maintenance program – to highlight any latent faults before they develop into major problems or disruptions in supply. Any problem that manifests itself at another time – perhaps because of a drop in performance – also needs to be investigated, and the most eective way of performing all these checks is by way of visual inspection through CCTV . We oer professional inspection and reports of your borehole/water well. Our inspection equipment is specifically designed to be used in pipes from 100mm and reach depths of up to 300m.


  • Verify the correct type, size, and positions of casing and screens.
  • Check the integrity of casings and grout seals.
  • Locate and identify causes of obstructions.
  • Determine the conditions of the well screen.
  • Identify corrosion, bio-fouling or other screen blockages.
  • Locate voiding behind linings or areas of sand ingress.
  • Identify potential borehole collapse.
  • Find lost tools or pumps and assist in retrieval.

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