A well point typically takes 2 to 4 hours to install and will save you lots of money in the long run, in addition to adding value to your property and relieving strain on the environment. Well point water is extracted from seepage water – or shallow groundwater – from the water table below the surface of the ground, through a pump placed above the ground. A well point is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized residential gardens. Extracting groundwater through a well point involves drilling to a depth of approximately 10 meters, depending on the groundwater profile in a particular area. Ground with a high clay and stone consistency may cause drilling obstructions, which could hamper the process. Sandy ground conditions within the water table are needed for effective drilling and well point installation.

Well points are faster and more cost-effective to install, as shallower depths are needed to reach the water. The drilling process simply involves blowing water through steel pipes by means of a petrol pump. Once the right depth is reached, a LDPE pipe with a filter is installed inside the steel pipe and the steel pipe is then removed. Once this is complete the pump is installed.

The cost of well point installation is a non-refundable deposit of R1750 (ex vat) and the installation is R4750 (ex vat), a total installation cost of R 7475 (incl vat). This includes a DAB 0.75kw self-priming pump (made in Italy). All our pumps are fitted with a brass non-return valve, as well as a ball valve on the outlet side with a hose connection. A pump control unit can be fitted at an additional cost of R1500. This unit protects the pump in case of dry running and acts as an automatic startup when the tap is opened. It is possible to link an existing irrigation system to a new borehole or well point, provided the water volume is sufficient. In the event of the water volume being insufficient, there are ways to rectify this and we would be happy to make recommendations in this regard.

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