Borehole water is a valuable, supplementary water source for residential and commercial use. Typically used for irrigation, borehole water can often be treated for safe application indoors, and is generally available everywhere in the Cape Metropole. Before drilling a borehole, we require the client to recruit the services of a water diviner to determine whether water is in fact readily available in a particular area. Thereafter Bluescape issues a cost estimate to the client and work can commence.

Bluescape are able to drill down to depths of 120m by means of Mud Rotation Drilling, Percussion Drilling or Odex Drilling, depending on the ground conditions. Only the highest quality steel and UPVC casing is used in the holes to preserve the longevity and integrity of the borehole. After the borehole is drilled a water yield test is carried out by placing a test pump into the hole and pumping it for 4 to 5 hours. The process assists in obtaining an accurate yield – or flow rate – of the borehole, and determining the size of the pump to be used.

Upon completion of the drilling and pump installation, the hole and the surrounding ground is rehabilitated and restored to its former condition as far as possible.

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